The Work/Energy Crisis and the Apocalypse.

Midnight Notes II. Vol. 1 (1980)

The capital's threat, if we go too far, to take us all down with it. If we annoy God too much, if we agitate tooo much, of we become too unavailable for work, then the “mutual destruction of clases” is used as a club to bring us back into line. But must the molecule fear if the engine dies?

The true cause of capital's crisis in the last decade is work, or more precisely, the struggle against it... The proper name fo rhe crisis then is the “work crisis” or, better, the “work/energy” crisis.

The essessence of transformation of values into prices is that through capital extracts surplus locally, it does not let those who do the extrating command and exapnd this surplus value.

“I am I” booms capital out of the whirlwind and the petty bosses slink away with their boils.

The revolutions of desires that lay behind the tides of capital's technological “creative destruction” are rooted in the refusal of the working class to just be.

Big Mother Nature is now used to squeeze little mother dry. If Big Mamma is stingy and has turned cold, capital turns to little mamma: “Help me out or we'll all go down toghether.”

As women resude this deal...the energy crisis collapese. As this final veil fallsl capital is faced with a working class untorn by the pose of sexual powers. An apocalypse indeed.

The latest joke of the polish workers: “ Only htose who strike eat meat.”


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